Landscape Design

Urban Escape Design spends the time at the beginning of the project where it really counts, listening to and learning our client’s needs, dreams and desires; forming a direction based on priorities, preferences, must-haves, and budget.

Together, we can create beautiful exterior spaces to enjoy; a nice stroll to the front door at the end of a long work day for you and guests, curb appeal from the street that speaks to your personality and is congruent with the architectural style of the house, a backyard that is fun, enjoyable and pretty to look at, as well as subdivided if needed for the many activities that a backyard can be.

After landscape design by Urban Escape DesignSpecialty Gardens

To meet the ever-growing popularity of specialty gardening, such as butterfly gardening, confetti landscape gardens, herb/medicinal gardens, koi ponds and rain gardens, we have the ability to create the unusual. Do you want artificial turf instead of sod? A putting green ? A recirculating urn fountain? The possibilities are unbounded by your dreams and our imagination.

After landscape design by Urban Escape DesignFlorida Friendly Landscapes

​Plant materials are selected from a list developed with the input of each individual homeowner using low-maintenance / deer-resistant (where applicable) plants and environmentally sustainable practices based on the right plant in the right place. Beautiful landscapes can save time, energy and money.

Confetti Landscape Gardens

Confetti Landscape Garden

A “Confetti Landscape” appears to be randomly planted, as though someone threw the plants up in the air and installed them where they landed. In actuality, a confetti landscape garden is more than haphazard, it’s complicated and based on a set of specific guidelines which makes this landscape style, truly it’s own. Urban E-Scape Design specializes in Confetti Landscape Gardens.

Before and after photos of Landscape renovation

Here are some of the features of a Confetti Landscape Garden:

  • A specific list of “Plant Materials” suited for the Florida climate are used.
  • Alternating colors for “Shock Value” with no mid-range colors or pastels; all colors are vibrant and play off each other.
  • Bright, colorful flowers, primarily, in reds, yellows, purple/pink, and orange; no white flowers.
  • Lime green and dark green foliage; no variegated leaves.
  • Layered heights of shrubs and ground covers for a “3-Dimensional Display”.
  • Vertical “Topiary” elements are optional, consisting of evergreen upright shrubs trimmed with pointed tops placed strategically throughout the medium range layer of plants.
  • Design is basically improvised and implemented on site, and it’s ok to make changes, add / subtract from what the basic plan shows It is a very unique way of doing things, yet it works.
  • Urban Escape Design can be available to set up the landscape bed area, get the owner’s input and approval, make any adjustments and then installation by the homeowner or owner’s contractor.
  • Easy to maintain and update because of the randomness.

Let Urban Escape Design help you to start creating your own Confetti Landscape Garden!

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