2019 Community Waterwise Awards

Here is an excerpt from the award letter Taylor received:

Overall your landscape is beautiful, inviting, charming, aesthetically pleasing and full of whimsy. It received high scores for aesthetic appeal. We were very impressed with your plant selection which was thoughtful and in good taste.

Karen Taylor’s garden was one of two landscapes to receive the  2019 Community Waterwise Award in the City of Tampa, Florida.

The Community Water Wise Awards program recognizes individuals and businesses that are committed to conserving our water resources and protecting the environment by using attractive Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ and irrigation systems or techniques that minimize water waste.  Winning landscapes represent the beauty and resiliency of our natural environment.

The City of Tampa produced this video which includes a short interview with me in my garden:

Waterwise Award Plaque

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Water Wise 2019 Stepping Stone in KAren's Garden