Karen Taylor Receives Gold Level Florida-Friendly Yards Award

Yard Sign for Florida-Friendly Yard AwardIn September 2019, Karen Taylor, a landscape architect and Tampa homeowner in the Seminole Heights neighborhood has been awarded for the recognition of her gardening practices, the Gold level of the Florida-Friendly Yards Award.

The Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program honors and recognizes homeowners who use environmentally friendly gardening and landscaping practices to conserve water, and protect water quality and other natural resources. In order for a landscape to be considered for recognition, it must contain living landscape plants. Practices that are reviewed include mowing, weed control, fertilizer, pruning, landscape beds, and pest control. Landscapes made up predominately of rock, mulch, shell, artificial turf, or other similar materials are not eligible for recognition.

Florida-Friendly Yards can take any form, from conventional and manicured to more natural. Florida-Friendly Yards minimize the use of potable water for irrigation, avoid the runoff of excess fertilizers and pesticides, and provide habitats for wildlife. It’s how you maintain your yard that ultimately determines if it’s Florida-Friendly.

There are two recognition levels available, Silver and Gold. Yards are evaluated based on a checklist of Florida-Friendly Landscaping practices.  The Silver level is achieved by meeting the minimum requirements of at least 50 points.  Gold level is one step above the Silver award level. Owners of Florida-Friendly Yards receive a sign to display in their yard and a certificate. Qualifications are reviewed and renewed yearly.

Says Karen, “I am thrilled to receive the Florida-Friendly Gold level award for my garden, which has no turf or automatic irrigation system. It is all plants and pathways, shaded by trees. It will be an honor to display the sign in my garden to educate others and bring awareness to the important subject of conservation.”